During the 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference, Sarah Rodenbeck ’19 was awarded first place by the College of Science for her oral research presentation.

Rodenbeck’s research focuses on the field of digital ethics and studies how advancing technological capabilities are balanced against the ethical issues that they pose. Specifically, her current research is about data use and privacy in the public sector.

“I first became interested in digital ethics after watching a TED talk by Joy Buolamwini,” says Rodenbeck.

“This was a casual interest until I recognized the gap in literature pertaining to the public sector.”

With the help of her research mentor, Dr. Lindsay Weinberg, Rodenbeck developed a series of policy recommendations that allow emerging artificial intelligence technologies to benefit society while also minimizing the risks associated with these technologies. Her recommendations address concerns such as privacy, consent, and algorithmic discrimination. Through participating in undergraduate research, Rodenbeck has discovered her interest in attending graduate school.

“Undergraduate research has allowed me to explore digital ethics at a much deeper level. This has impacted my career goals, and I now plan to go to graduate school and eventually transition into working in public policy focused on technology issues.”

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