Antonio Dominguez Palomar ’22 Awarded 1st Place for College of Education Poster in Undergraduate Research Conference

Antonio Dominguez Palomar ’22

During Purdue’s first virtual Undergraduate Research Conference this spring, Antonio Dominguez Palomar, a junior in industrial management was awarded 1st place among the College of Education posters. He presented his research titled “A Critical Data Studies Analysis of Smart Campus Recruitment Technology,” alongside another undergraduate student, Nikita Gerard, and their research mentor, Dr. Lindsay Weinberg.

Antonio’s project focuses on addressing the need for a new way of treating data that “avoids the paradox between privacy and ownership and productivity that is present when dealing with information.” However, since this issue is complex, they focused the project on technology and data within the university environment.

Antonio first started researching smart campus recruitment technology by reading about the topic on his own before starting the project in 2019. For this project, he worked with Dr. Weinberg, who he said encouraged him and his research peer to “challenge assumptions and discuss new ideas.”

“I had always been interested in doing research as an undergrad,” said Antonio. During his first year at Purdue he had attended the lectures offered by the OUR. Finding a project that was appealing to him was difficult as a first-year, but the Data Mine Learning Community helped him find this opportunity. “Knock on many doors. Most of the time, you may not have something valuable to offer to a researcher. Then it is your task to acquire skills and increase the value you could bring to a potential team.” Antonio said that participating in undergraduate research has helped him learn “how to help everyone contribute and get to the best possible result.”

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