Anthony Faulkner ’21 Discusses His Linguistics Undergraduate Research

Anthony Faulkner ’21

Anthony Faulkner is a senior studying linguistics and minoring in French and sociology at Purdue University. His research was conducted during the 2019-2020 school year and focused on the effects of foreign language exposure on language imitation with Amy Hutchinson, a Ph.D. student. During the research project, the researchers would have a non-French speaker imitate common French sounds and words. After that, the participants would watch an episode of a show called “Chef’s Table” in French and were then asked to imitate the sounds again. There was a small effect where some participants were able to imitate the sounds better while others were not. “I learned a lot about not only linguistics but research in general. A lot goes into the methods of evaluating participants and the organization of the research in general,” says Anthony. He found out about this research opportunity through a class he took that was taught by Amy, who led the research project. 

“Conducting this research project was an interesting and cool way to see what I have been learning in my classes brought to life. I plan on using this research experience and furthering it in graduate school.”

Anthony faulkner

Anthony says that research has positively benefited his college career by giving him research experiences. He plans on attending graduate school this fall and says that this research has expanded his knowledge on linguistic software, how to analyze phonological soundwaves, and how to conduct linguistics research. After graduate school, Anthony hopes to continue as a researcher in the linguistics field.

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