2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Conference Winners Selected

While walking around posters in the Union Ballrooms with a brownie or watching a research talk while eating a Mary Lou’s doughnut in Stewart Center, the energy that surrounds student researchers having conversations with others about their work is clearly felt. This year’s Spring Undergraduate Research Conference was different from recent years with the reintroduction of in-person presentations and the continuation of a virtual component. During the April event, almost 500 research talks and poster presentations were delivered that represented nearly 800 student researchers’ work on projects that spanned each Purdue college. Helping these students along their research journey of creation and discovery and to present their work to the Purdue community, more than 500 mentors were identified.

Student presenters interacting with peers, visitors, and judges as they discuss their projects.
In addition to the energy and excitement, in-person presentations brought back another quality lost during all-virtual conferences – questions from the audience.

With the help of 300 judges representing faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students, the academic units were able to determine their top award-winning presentations. Each college selected their top research talks and posters with some delineating between virtual and in-person presentations, the Purdue Libraries & School of Information Studies selected the best abstract in each category prior to the Conference and chose the best interdisciplinary project presentations, the Purdue chapter of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society presented a new award for the top STEM poster and research talk, and the Purdue Archives & Special Collections selected top presentations within archival projects. Overall, 120 students representing 80 presentations were recognized for their top performances during the 2022 Spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Almost $17,000 in awards were distributed to these students.

Volunteer judges for the poster symposium and research talks provide feedback to student presenters and help academic units determine their top awards.

Congratulations to the student researchers and their mentors for showcasing the diverse and important work being conducted by Boilermakers. The dedication so many Purdue researchers have in mentoring undergraduate researchers is inspiring. If you are a Purdue faculty, staff, or post-doc and would like to support undergraduates through mentoring a research project, please contact the Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research.

Sigma Xi’s chair and vice-chair, Drs. Seema Mattoo and Arun Mannodi Kanakkithodi, announced their top STEM presentation awards during the Celebrate Purdue’s Thinkers, Creators, & Experimenters research showcase. Navjot Kaur (pictured with her mentor Dr. Matt Olson on the left) was awarded top STEM poster and Liam Robinson (pictured on the right) was awarded top STEM research talk.

Volunteers help check-in student presenters for the poster symposium.

This event takes a lot of time and energy from people across campus. We would like to take time to send our appreciation for these individuals here. Thank you to the Undergraduate Research Program Planning Committee for their efforts in hosting the Spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Thank you to the many volunteer judges who provided feedback to the presentations. Thank you to Purdue Libraries Facilities for moving the 80+ new posterboards to and from the Union Ballrooms. Thank you the many volunteers who helped at various times of the Conference such as setting up the rooms, checking in presenters and judges, tearing down the rooms, and filling in at the most important need at the time.

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