Natalie McGuckin ’22 is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Data Visualization and Web Programming & Design. She is working with her research mentor, Dr. Mark Daniel Ward, on a foundational game theory problem that has been open since the 1960s. Natalie’s role in this research project is as a Data Science, Mathematical Modeling, and Visualization Researcher. She is using the JavaScript Library, D3.js, to make an interactive visualization of the data they are working with. They are collectively working with 72 petabytes of data that has taken 37+ years of computing time.

Natalie first got started in undergraduate research when Dr. Ward emailed her asking if she would be interested in working on this complex project with his team.

“Conducting undergraduate research has been one of the best decisions that I have made while being here at Purdue University. I have learned more about my major and what I would like to do with it when I finish my undergraduate studies. Undergraduate research has given me hands-on experience working on a project with a team of researchers,” McGuckin says.

“My research has inspired me with what I want to do with my major. When I do work on my project, I am excited to code and work on this project being surrounded by a supportive and brilliant research team.”

Participating in undergraduate research has provided Natalie with the opportunity to learn different skills and how to apply them to real-life questions.

“I love being able to learn things within and outside of my major. Through research, I am working hands-on with D3.js which gives me experience in creating visualizations. I am also learning Data Science and Mathematical Modeling through my research. I have found aspects of Data Science and Mathematical Modeling that I enjoy and I would hope to turn them into a career someday.”

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