Erik Levin ’19 is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Professional Flight Technology and a master’s degree in Aviation Technology and Management. Erik will graduate with his undergraduate degree in December 2019 and with his master’s degree in December 2020.

Erik first became involved in undergraduate research in May 2018 when his mentors Drs. Flavio Mendonca and Julius Keller invited him to participate in a research study on fatigue in collegiate aviation. The purpose of their study was to investigate collegiate pilots’ perceptions of lifestyle and mitigation strategies related to fatigue. A leading concern was that half of those sampled did not consider themselves to engage in fully adequate bodily exercise, nutritional habits, and time management. These areas, however, are prime considerations when working towards healthy sleep patterns.

Erik said, “Receiving the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Mendonca and Dr. Keller was a great honor to me, because of the success both had achieved in previous research projects. Additionally, the insights regarding fatigue in flight training I gained from this project are valuable to me, because I plan to operate a corporate flight training center by 2034.”

Erik’s classmate, Aaron Teo, also contributed to their research project by researching the causes and effects of fatigue.

By participating in undergraduate research, Erik found that he has become accustomed to drafting academic papers and using APA format.

“In preparation for the master’s degree, research helped me to anticipate what would lie ahead when I begin graduate studies. Also, participating in research has given me a view on my area of study from a different perspective and allowed me to meet professional members of the aviation community I might not have met otherwise.”

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